TURBOBIER - Das Neue Festament

Turbobier - Das Neue Festament

10 songs
37:47 minutes
***** ****
Pogo's Empire


Take a little Neue Deutsch Welle ŗ la Spider Murphy Gang, then some fun punk ŗ la Toy Dolls, add some melodic Schlager melodies and crown it with a wonderful Vienna accent as we know it from Rainhard Fendrich. And then ask yourself the question if this musical potpourri can aspire to something listenable. It can!

The result of this strange equation is called Turbobier and is an Austrian punk rock band. The four guys have been founded only in 2014 and after their debut Irokesentango from 2015 are now back with its successor Das Neue Festament. The new album has been an instant success in their home country and reached the very top of the charts in the Alps republic. I also was instantly enchanted by Turbobierís apparently simple track that all come with infectious melodies that you canít forget, try as hard as you might. The thick Austrian accent is fun to listen to and is often further from standard German than you might expect. This works well with the classic punk topics like beer drinking, bottle deposit and the government. Itís hard to pick out highlights as all twelve songs are really great, but maybe start with their YouTube hit Verliebt in einen Kiwara that can be located somewhere between Die ńrzte and Toy Dolls and is an ideal opener. The catchy punk hymn Feuerwehrfestl reminds of Die Toten Hosen early days, and the more rock and less punk A Mensch is a Mensch shows that the band can also tackle more serious topics. Another highlight is the quieter Insel muss Insel bleiben, although the ballad Frei sei canít quite reach the level of the other songs.

After Alexander Van der Bellen finally became Austriaís president and the funny cover verions by Drescher, Das Neue Festament is already the third good news from Austria in a short time. This album is a short affair that entertains from beginning to end. Itís the kind of music that probably even becomes better after a couple of beers. And therefore it is more than fitting that the band is selling their own kind of Turbobier which is manufactured by several breweries in Austria a Germany. That would be fun to taste!

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