VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Finest Noise Sampler 37

Various Artists - The Finest Noise Sampler 37

18 songs
76:12 minutes
The Finest Noise

Itís been nearly twenty years since there have been Finest Noise compilations. The name is misleading, because these are not label compilations, otherwise this would mean that this small independent label were to release about twenty albums every few months. Instead bands pay a little something to be featured on the compilation, so that every time a new one comes out, it is like a surprise package. Youíll get to hear new bands in a concise way, but be aware that there can be anything from greatness to total failures.

The current edition manages to remain centerfield. Only four bands manage to really stand out. For once, there noise rock band Neoton with German lyrics, the Cologne based alternative rock band Kwirl, whom I have known already before, and Mr Bones that reminded me of The Notwist. The biggest surprise was Ptolemea, a psychedelically flavoured rock band from Luxembourg with a great female singer, and I have to confess that I have not heard of them before. There are also three bands that didnít work with me: slow rock / trip hop band Stelise from Luxembourg, retro rockers Built To Resist and commercial metal band Killing Your Idols. There are eleven bands remaining that are quite good without being exciting or overly original. Dagger In Hand (hardcore), Last Memorial (metalcore), Vellocet (German punk), Burning Wire (heavy metal), Plurals (alternative metal), All Fucked Up (hardcore), Arcadien (tame indie rock), NŽst (slow rock), Premortal Breath (heavy metal), Apeiron (death metal) and Uhrwerk (hardcore).

We could discuss endlessly if CD compilations still make sense in the time of streaming platforms where you can listen to more playlists than you would ever have time for. It is undeniable that the listening experience always comes with a certain amount of suspense, and listeners might discover a couple of bands that they want to spend more time with. The compilation can be ordered for a mere postage fee at The Finest Noise Records.

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