WE RIDE - Empowering Life

We Ride - Empowering Life

10 songs
36:30 minutes
***** ***


Victory Records from Chicago usually only sign bands from the USA and Canada. When you come across that rare brand of band from Europe that manages to release on the label, it should be a sure sign of quality. We are talking here about We Ride from Vigo in Spain, one of the Westernmost cities in Europe, and far away from any kind of metropolis.

The band, consisting of four male musicians and a female vocalist, has been founded in 2009. One year later, they already released their debut album Directions, followed in 2012 by On The Edge. They took some more time for their third strike Empowering Life which only came out this year. The wait was well worth it, because We Ride show that old school hardcore can still sound fresh today. They are mostly inspired by the likes of Madball, Sick Of It All, Terror, etc., all acts that had their best time in the mid-Nineties. We Ride differ from said bands insofar as their music comes with a modern production, but also with Mimi Telmo on vocals who has quite the powerful voice. She is full of Southern European temper and is screaming her vocal cords out of her throat. Although the band usually mixes fast and furious parts with a strong dose of emo, We Ride are not afraid of pace changes that allow them occasional more sedate parts. Especially the melodic What You Are, featuring guest vocalist JJ Peters of Deez Nuts, shows the band from a different side, not unlike Biohazard, I dare say. Other tracks like Self-Made, Do It Again and Iímpossible also come with melodic moments, whose punk flair add a welcome variety to the sound.

All in all, We Rideís Empowering Life is a compact and entertaining affair without any signs of fatigue. After a long break, although still being very active as a live band, We Ride entered the studio at exactly the right moment. Their third album sounds pleasantly fresh and full of motivation, and itís be really great to be able to see them perform live one day.

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