WÖMIT ANGEL - Under Sadistic Pressure

Wömit Angel - Under Sadistic Pressure

10 songs
29:31 minutes
***** **
Reaper Metal


What to write about Wömit Angel? They are a three-piece from Tampere, a Finnish inland town that claims to be the country’s capital of metal. Wömit Angel were founded in 2010 and currently consist of J-Violatör, W. Horepreacher and Atomic Torment. Under Sadistic Pressure is already the fourth album of this rather busy band, and they practice some kind of blackened thrash metal with an in-your-face punk attitude. The musicians’ pseudonyms are a hint to the primeval days of proto thrash metal, and as a matter of fact, everything screams early- to mid-Eighties: very early Slayer, Venom, Sodom and possibly even a young Quorthon may have influenced the band.

The songs are generally rather short. More than half of them don’t even make it over three minutes. And it’s especially the songs that start the album – Religion Latex Suffocate, Slaughterburster and Paindomain – that give an impressive view of how high-speed the musicians are thrashing through their songs. At times there is even a certain crust / grindcore flair permeating it all. Finesse is nothing you should look for here, because Wömit Angel keep it simple yet efficient. The album is only half an hour long, and frankly that’s enough because I have to admit that towards the end there are a few longer songs that can’t quite keep up with the explosive energy of the more punk material.

I also want to point out the really atrocious artwork. In the past, the band always had provocative cover photos, from dead pigs to transsexual nuns, but this time we get a painting in red, orange and grey hues that is provocative mostly by how simply awful it looks. But maybe that’s also wanted. Once Wömit Angel covered the late GG Allin on one of their records, and even though I doubt that they ever want to achieve that artist’s crudeness, Wömit Angel still pack the right amount of ingredients to make this Eighties influenced thrash grenade a short yet entertaining package.

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