ZWAKKELMANN - Entschuldigung

Zwakkelmann - Entschuldigung

16 songs
44:27 minutes
***** ***


After the dissolution of German fun punk band Schließmuskel, Schlaffke Wolff founded Zwakkelmann, a band that more or less continued in the same vein, so that fans of Schlager infused punk would not feel too estranged. Since then Zwakkelmann have released seven albums, with the current simply titled Entschuldigung.

Just as in the past, the new album contains many songs that are always concise and catchy. They are all very melodic and anything but complex. Zwakkelmann have never been an overtly political band, but Schlaffke Wolff has once again a lot to say with his prominent voice. The lyrics deal with personal experiences, and depending on the content, the mood changes accordingly. There are some angrier tracks like Reißleine and Meine geliebte Z that express a certain discontent, but also melancholic pieces that can’t be absent from a Zwakkelmann album. Verlierer-Dasein is a typical example as songs about outsiderism have been present since the earliest Schließmuskel days. Schlaffke Wolff has been fascinated by German schlager music for a long time, and still combines those structures with punk rock. The result are wonderful, sometimes catchy, at other times smarmy gems like Abschalten von Allem and Ohne dich ist doch alles... There are also a few tracks that won’t leave your mind, like Spaßbremse for instance. The only thing all the songs have in common is the lo-fi philosophy that is running like a red thread through the album. My only point of criticism is that the second half of the album can’t quite keep the level of the first one. This doesn’t mean that the latter half is devoid of highlights. Ich lieb sie so wie sie ist sounds like an old Schließmusek classic, yet some other tracks don’t feel completely finished. G-i-t-a-r-r-e sounds too improvises, Instrument-Aal is not very exciting either, and Lärmbelästigung just doesn’t work for me.

These are all minor complaints as Entschuldigung is overall – and how could it be any other way? – a very entertaining album. Especially those of us who listened to Schließmuskel in the late Eighties and early Nineties should be more than delighted with this onslaught of nostalgia. Entschuldigung? There is definitely no reason for an apology!

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