Zwakkelmann - Papa Punk

20 songs
47:43 minutes
***** ****


About every three years, Schlaffke Wolff is releasing a new Zwakkelmann album. The eighth one is called Papa Punk, and I wonder if the title is about the former Schließmuskel vocalist himself.

Not impossible, because the raunchy opener Notdurfverrichtungszeitanalyse is something which is somehow related to the Schließmuskel, which is the German word for sphincter. As a matter of fact, not that much has changed compared to earlier records. Schlaffke Wolff is still a charming prankster with a very unique voice that is really pleasant to listen to.

As is the custom with Zwakkelmann, the album contains a lot of tracks, most of which never make it above three minutes. The songs are simple and very catchy, all in all just good fun. There is a strong sense of humour, as on the history lesson Ra-Ra-Ramones, for which an entertaining video clip has been made. Hätte-Hätte and Lass mich in Ruh are two further tracks that move along quite nicely. Those familiar with Zwakkelmann know that a certain dose of kitsch also has to be part of the music. Mehr als schön is one such track, and Momentaufnahme is about lost love, a topic that was already a thing back in Schließmuskel times. If you like it cheesy, listen to Nashville Tennessee and also watch its video clip that looks like a vintage spaghetti western.

The many mood changes make listening to Zwakkelmann albums a rewarding experience. But you should listen to the lyrics too. Apart from the self-deprecating songs, there are tracks like Dumme Nazibraut and Selbstverständlich that show that the artist is having thought about current affairs. I also want to point out the lyrics to Du hast’s geschafft, a positive analysis of euthanasia.

The album also contains mini radio plays, none longer than one minute, by Linus Volkmann, Olli Schulz and Ede Wolf. Entschuldigung was already a strong album, and it cannot have been easy to top that one with Papa Punk. There is maybe no über-hit like Reißleine on the new album, but also no weak tracks. All in all, Papa Punk maybe be a little better, and I am glad that there are no discernible age symptoms to be found yet. One can only hope that Zwakkelmann will continue releasing his great music for many years to come.

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