Cellar Twins - Duality

10 songs
48:11 minutes
***** **


Six years ago, Cellar Twins were founded in the Belgian city of Namur. A stable line-up crystallised two years later, followed one year later, in 2017, by a five track EP. Afterwards they took part in many newcomer competitions (Metal Battle, Durbuy Rock.) to achieve more visibility. In 2019 the band ran a successful crowdfunding campaign that resulted in the debut longplayer Duality.

On the one hand, the musicians are interested in modern rock music heralded by bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Alter Bridge, but also taking hints from grunge veterans like Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins. On the other hand, the band has also a predilection of heavier sounds, with influences from Dream Theater to Killswitch Engage. This whole panoply of elements can be discovered on the opener Millenium which oscillates between modern rock, nu metal and grunge. The following Molotov Parade successfully draws a bridge between melody and heaviness, which you can witness on the video clip they uploaded to YouTube. Chunky guitar riffs and firm vocals are Cellar Twins' forte, which works best on the metallic Selfear, which is my personal highlight on the album. The extremely catchy Social Waste has all it takes to become a live classic that I strongly recommend you should listen to. Cellar Twins are at their best when they put the pedal on the metal, which is most often the case. Their quieter material unfortunately gives the impression of a band that doesn't know where to go from there. The unexciting Cloud Walker feels tedious, and due to it being the third track, it robs the album precious momentum. The grunge ballad Tales Of Autumn also lacks that certain something.

One can't deny Cellar Twins a certain potential, even though the musicians at times still seem to feel unsafe on how to proceed. The good news is that most songs do convince, but the influences are possibly coming from too many different sources, leaving the listener sometimes hoping the band would just decide what direction to take. I suggest you keep your eyes on Cellar Twins, considering this is their debut album and there is a lot of room for improvement that the band needs to take advantage of.

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