DARKNESS - Over And Out

Darkness - Over And Out

7 songs
30:30 minutes
***** ***


Darkness from the Ruhr Valley are one of the longest acting German thrash metal bands. Even though the band was on hiatus for some time and at other times named itself Eure Erben, their beginning can be traced back to 1984, with a creative zenith happening between 1987 and 1989, when they released an album per year. Darkness made their comeback in 2015. Since then, they havenít been idle as they have released two longplayers and two EPs.

The new record Over And Out is considered an EP, although a generous one with a length of half an hour. It contains three new tracks, three old ones in new versions and a cover version, with the intention of shortening the wait for the next longplayer thatís scheduled to come out in 2021.

The opener Every Time You Curse Me instantly points out the direction. Brutal thrash riffs, barking vocals and fast melodies are exactly what is making the demanding thrash fanís heart beat faster. Dawn Of The Dumb is a more unusual track with lots of pace changes. The surprising quiet parts made me think of Dark Millennium, another German thrash bands from way back that often flirted with progressive elements. The third new track, which is also the title track, is a thoroughbred thrasher that kindles the anticipation for the upcoming album. Darkness are covering Skid Rowís Slave To The Grind, and they truly master to give this glam metal track a thrash feeling without losing the songís original rockíníroll feeling.

Tinkerbell Must Die from DarknessĎ comeback album The Gasoline Solution comes in a live version, recorded in Osaka, Japan a couple of years ago, and I must admit that this gives the impression as if Darkness are a killer live band. The EP concludes with two even older tracks, partly re-recorded with musicians from the original line-up. Armageddon from Conclusion & Revival is still a great track after over thirty years. Faded Pictures is a song from the debut album Death Squad that has been re-recorded in an unplugged version. The raw vocals make this sound like pirates sitting late at night around a campfire.

Iím happy that Darkness have rediscovered their love for playing music. The band is as busy as in their early days, and you canít miss their passion. Itís not often that musicians get such a second Spring, and I strongly hope that Darkness continue this way for a long time to come.

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