Dusk Of Delusion - Watch Your 6

10 songs
51:06 minutes
***** **


Dusk Of Delusion is one of the more recent bands of French jack-of-all-trades Matthieu Morand who is active in a couple of bands from different genres. In 2016 he dared to try his hands at nu metal, with the promising debut album (F)Unfair coming two years later. The second album is titled Watch Your 6, which is an allusion to a clockface. If the 12 is in front of you, the six is at your back, so that you might paraphrase it as "watch your back". The album deals with World War I, which clarifies the title even more.

The lyrics are quite earnest, with the opener Serbianís Gate being about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria which has come to be known as the trigger event for the Great War. Other topics that are treated meticulously are child soldiers, home sickness during the time of war, the Russian Revolution and the Battle of Verdun. Another dimension are the private emotions that plagued the soldiers: hatred, despair and misery.

The music on Watch Your 6 doesnít convince me as much as the lyrical content, but that might be due to the fact that I gave up on nu metal shortly in the early years of the millennium, as the genre lost a lot of its attraction for me. Dusk Of Delusion offer a technically flawless album, but they confine themselves to much to the boundaries of the genre. The opener is a relatively brutal track, followed by two catchier pieces, where especially The Messenger manages to stand out. Compared to the debut, the new album contains also quieter songs like Возле окна (By The Window) and While He Sleeps, both of which give the record some welcome variety. My favourite moment comes with Smiling From Across, which is a nice thrash metal song. Verdun was not only the longest battle of the war, but at nearly ten minutes is also the albumís longest song, trumping with a lot of mood changes.

Unfortunately there are also some negative aspects on Watch Your 6. Although not a single track should be considered a failure, some do contain parts where the bands seems to be lost, not knowing how to continue. This is when you wish for more compact songwriting. Another criticism are the vocals. Although they donít always sound the same, BenoÓt Guillotís harsh voice can become tedious after a while.

If you like modern metal music, you canít do anything wrong by listening to Dusk Of Delusion, despite Watch Your 6 having some lengths. Nu metal is not for everyone though, but those who consider themselves fans of the genre should find enough to like.

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