FLYNOTES - The Goddess Of Sunrise

Flynotes - The Goddess Of Sunrise

8 songs
35:25 minutes
***** **
Hśrverk Industrier


Founded ten years ago in Saint Petersburg, Russian instrumental rock trio are quite the busy people, with The Goddess Of Sunrise being already their fifth album, and their first to be released on a record label. Consisting of a male guitarist and a female rhythm section, one can say that it is unusual to have a band where the women are the majority.

But letís get to the album, which starts with the two-minute intro When Alcohol Ran Out, a duet of guitar and theremin. Itís a strange and atypical piece of music, but also a really beautiful composition full of sorrow that perfectly finds the mood of when that which is described in its title happens. The Shadows In The Garden is the first regular song, and at three minutes also the shortest track featured here. Despite its concise nature, it gives a first impression of what to expect from Flynotes: heavy psychedelic rock with traces of sludge, doom and stoner rock. All of this comes without vocals, as previously mentioned. The following five tracks are all between five and six minutes long, and itís here where Flynotes are at their most prodigious. Roman Komarovís guitar playing is the actual star of the album. He is quite the versatile guitarist, mastering everything from quiet post rock moments to all-smothering crushing heavy riffs. Bassist Alira Julia Versen and drummer Natasha Bogulyan provide the backbone on which it all stands. The album concludes with a short outro, and after thirty-five minutes, the journey comes already to an end.

All of this is the kind of music you best enjoy by closing your eyes and just diving into the sonic tapestry woven by this talented trio. If you like guitar driven instrumental rock, you should feel quite at home with The Goddess Of Sunrise. Flynotes donít reinvent the psychedelic rock genre, but the honest, down-to-earth production helps giving their new album a nice and gritty sound that certainly works even better in a live situation.

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