JACK POTT - Adoleszenzgeschichten

Jack Pott - Adoleszenzgeschichten

4 songs
12:42 minutes
***** ***


Jack Pott consists of four musicians, all around twenty years young, who started as a band five years ago, initially under the name Breathing Punx. They come from the Northern German town Bad Schwartau, best known for its famous jam industry, and decided that now was the time to release a first EP titled Adoleszenzgeschichten containing four tracks that make it to twelve minutes. This may not be a whole lot of music, but the high quality definitely leaves you hungry for more.

The opener Alle meine Freunde is melodic pop punk located somewhere between Die Toten Hosen and But Alive. Even more pop can be heard of Scheiße, wieder verkackt where the band also uses ska and Neue Deutsche Welle ingredients that rather force the listener to get up and dance. Even though these young musicians put a lot of fun into their music, their lyrics surprise with a more earnest twist. They are warning of excess behaviour, on Roberto Geiss they are making fun of a German TV icon, and Traurig Nr. 3 is a reckoning with the radical right. Jack Pott’s music has already been featured on compilations from the organisation Kein Bock auf Nazis, so there are no doubts about the guys’ commendable political stance.

Jack Pott definitely play punk rock that invites to sing along and dance to. Sometimes in the future this EP is meant to be followed by a full-length longplayer. I am already looking forward to hear more from this talented and motivated band.

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