JONNY KARACHO - Volle Karacho!

Jonny Karacho - Volle Karacho!

10 songs
34:18 minutes
***** **


Jonny Karacho is a German punk rocker and also a father of two little children. One day he decided that there has to be more exciting children's music than what the little ones are usually exposed to, and thus decided to record a punk rock album for kids. It is certainly no coincidence that the album has been released on Newtone Records, a label owned by Jochen Vahle, frontman of the better know children's rock band Randale.

The music on Volle Karacho! is quite catchy and reminds be of bands like Randala, Radau, Pelemele etc. The deliberate simple structures also draw parallels to German punk bard Zwakkelmann. Meine Welt is an ideal opener where Jonny Karacho introduces himself to his audience. Most songs fall into the melodic punk rock category, but there are also a couple of ska tracks, like Mein Brudi, Dein Song, Nach müde kommt doof. I was somewhat surprised by the tameness of Wenn ich groß bin, as if features guest vocalist Suli Puschban who is usually known for more brazen performances, like Ich hab' die Schnauze voll von rosa.

The lyrics deal exclusively with topics appealing to children between the ages of six and ten: family affairs, fighting with siblings and parents, animals, fairy tales, skateboards and the environment. Only Tante Olga strays away with its Russian folk elements.

At thirty-four minutes, the album feels a little short, but it is known that children lack the attention span of adults, so that these ten songs should be more than enough entertainment for the young ones. Jonny Karacho is still a newcomer when it comes to rock music for children, and only the future can tell if he can one day bark with the big dogs.

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