MATTERHORN - Crass Cleansing

Matterhorn - Crass Cleansing

10 songs
50:45 minutes
***** ****
Dying Victims


For me itís always surprising that a rather small country like Switzerland, that also seems to have an overall conservative mindset, has such an enormous metal scene. In the Eighties, the country was marked by pioneer bands like Celtic Frost and Coroner, although Messiah also had quite the underground following. Now we have Matterhorn, a trio from Switzerland that looks and sounds a lot like the early Celtic Frost or their precursors Hellhammer. The three guys wear studded belts and brownish red eye makeup, and have charming names like Morbid (guitar and vocals), Nekroking (bass) and Tim Tot (drums).

Their album Crass Cleansing was originally self-released in 2018. Dying Victims Records decided to give it another go and added two lengthy bonus track so that the new version is more than a quarter hour longer than the first one.

You shouldnít expect Matterhorn to win any prizes for originality. At times the come across like a Celtic Frost tribute band, due to the aforementioned reasons. Matterhorn may not yet have Łber-hits like Circle Of The Tyrants or Into The Crypts Of Rays, but their own material is on an expectedly high technical level. The vocals remind of Tom Warrior minus the repeated "uh"-grunts. The guitars have the typical grimy and muddled sound that made Celtic Frost a legend in the first place. Matterhorn do everything possible to sound old school, and it works. The songs lie somewhere between speed, thrash and black metal, always sound quite untamed and even often are longer than five minutes. A lot of variety allows the band to keep their listenersí attention. The albumís strongest moment comes with Of All I Was which surprises with progressive elements. Another highlight is Parabol Dreams that comes with conjuring spoken vocals that make for an eerie atmosphere.

Nostalgic extreme metal fans that used to love Celtic Frost and are disappointed that Tryptikon never achieved the same genius might have found a remedy with Matterhorn. Itís great how there are still young bands that uphold the quality metal of olden days.

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