Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Fuctifano

14 songs
32:48 minutes
***** ***
Arising Empire


Itís hard to believe that English punk legend Peter and the Test Tube Babies have been around and active without a pause since 1978, although the only remaining members from the original line-up are vocalist Peter Bywaters and guitarist Derek Greening. Fuctifano is already the bandís fourteenth studio album, coming three years after its predecessor That Shallot.

The founding members are about sixty years old, whereas their co-musicians are in the thirties and forties, but there is no conflict between generations. Fuctifano sounds as if it had come out many decades ago. Expectedly it contains short, fast and melodic punk songs that never lose anytime to cross the finishing line. Donít expect anything new because you will get exactly what you would expect from this band. And yet there are a few surprises. Saturday Dad is pure ska punk, and the humorous Ainít Missing Her Yet sounds as if it were recorded in an old western saloon. Wanker is another fun track, comes with a female guest vocalist and reminds me of Toy Dolls. On Punched Awake the band even flirts with heavy hitting hardcore punk sounds.

Itís too bad that Fuctifano is only a good half hour long because Peter and the Test Tube Babies still havenít lost it yet. At an age where most people think of retirement, these guys are still brimming with energy, and I canít imagine them stopping anytime soon.

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