Saturday's Heroes - Turn Up The Music

7 songs
21:50 minutes
***** ***


The past has shown time and again that Sweden has some of the best rock musicians. Just think back to the early days of the millennium when bands like The Hellacopters, The Hives, No Fun At All and many more were the big thing. The four guys from Saturday’s heroes may have started a little later, but they do revive the spirit of the Nineties on their second album Turn Up The Music.

The opener We’re All Done is a tradition melodic punk rock song that doesn’t take any prisoners, reminding me of Backyard Babies. It doesn’t get more street than this! The following I Will Be Right There is an upbeat hymn that has all it takes to become a future classic. From there on you will also encounter folk elements, which is not surprising, considering that the band quotes Bruce Springsteen, Mike Ness and Bob Dylan among their influences. Dead Of Night is a less fast track with a more melancholic flair. Seven Seas is a mid-tempo piece that could pass as a harder Springsteen song. This Is The End and Black Clouds once again add some steam, followed by yet another melancholic folk song, before the band gives it all for the album’s end.

It’s unfortunate that the album ends after only seven songs and twenty-one minutes. Saturday’s Heroes sound incredibly uncomplicated, always get right to it, so that boredom is something you won’t find here. If this is too little music for you, I advise you to also listen to their debut Pineroad from 2017. Saturday’s Heroes have certainly deserved their position within the international punk rock community.

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