SILVERSTAGE - Heart'n'Balls

Silverstage - Heart'n'Balls

9 songs
41:36 minutes
***** ***
M & O


French heavy metal band Silverstage started in 2013 but it took them until early 2020 to release their first album. And yet their music sounds as if the band had been around since forever. Guitarist Didier Leray has recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday, but the other band members seem to be considerably younger.

Itís obvious from the beginning that the Parisian quartet feels right at home with the heavy metal of the Eighties. Silverstage play totally cool heavy rock located somewhere between Iron Maiden and Kiss, with the major difference that the French rockers have in Marianne G-Wolf a really great vocalist whose strong voice manages to set accents. There are occasional male backing vocals that harmonise well with the main vocals. Silverstageís music is often predictable but it fulfils its purpose. The songs go straight ahead in a very uncomplicated way, and usually more often than not can convince. Even the more commercial Rise (Feeling Somber) is a hit that reminded me a little of American rock band Heart. The single Want You Dead is a catchy song that you wonít forget anytime soon. For The Light has some progressive elements with parallels to late Eighties and early Nineties Rush, although Silverstage do have a heavier sound. The hard hitting Canít Live Without is another standout track. Unfortunately, the albumís last third comes with two tracks that donít work for me. If Your Love Is Pain is a semi-ballad that might find an audience but does a bit too much pathos for its own good. The short but wild Silverstage is another ray of light before the bluesy and rather unspectacular Back From Cali ends the record.

Not everything is perfect on HeartíníBalls, but you canít deny that the four musicians are acting with a lot of passion. The joy of playing is unmistakable. Itís not a bad start, and I will keep my eyes and ears on Silverstage, a promising band that still has room to improve.

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