SOECKERS - Kopfkarussel

Soeckers - Kopfkarussel

13 songs
42:11 minutes
***** **
Chateau Lala


Although founded in Münster already in 2014, it took German indie rock band Soeckers six whole years to release their debut album Kopfkarussel. Stylistically they sound like straight from 2000, with bands like The Strokes and Supergrass having left their traces.

Soeckers’ music always gets straight to the point: somehow raw, a little garage, but also some pop. The opener Schlaf bei mir is an ideal entry into the album with a touch of melancholy without resorting to kitsch. It reminds me of Ton Steine Scherben but it is not a cover version of their similarly titled song. More modern is Buch über gar nichts zur Sache, but the following unspectacular ballad Halt mich is a first weak spot. Flaschengrund is rather lo-fi and could have benefited from a little more work. The too well-behaved Frühlingsdepression also doesn’t add much excitement to the album. After the folky Miss Morphin, things get better again. Was kann ich dafür is an upbeat track à la Supergrass, and Bahnhofsgrau is a definite highlight with its sound lying somewhere between Alex Mofa Gang and Ton Steine Scherben. The remaining material stays on a high level, consisting of four catchy indie pop tracks you won’t forget anytime soon.

Kopfkarussel is an affair full of sunshine and shade. I can’t shake off the feeling that the four young men haven’t yet found their definite direction. On the one hand there is a whole bunch of juicy indie pop tracks that are brimming with memorable melodies. On the other hand there is the band’s melancholy side that rather aims at a more emo crowd. Yet it might be hard to find an audience that likes both sides of the band. There is no denying the band’s talent, but I hope that in the future Soeckers will gravitate more towards their upbeat side.

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