SOLITARY - The Truth Behind The Lies

Solitary - The Truth Behind The Lies

8 songs
36:51 minutes
***** **


British thrash metal band Solitary have been around for a little more than a quarter century, and yet I only heard of them now. One reason may be that there have been often long breaks between records, with The Truth Behind The Lies only being their fourth longplayer, although in the meantime there have been a few EPs, compilation tracks and a live record.

Coming from Preston, a city north of Liverpool, the quartet offers solid thrash metal that always gets right down to it. The songs are all quite compact, and apart from one exception never make it over five minutes. Highspeed attacks, one of the bandís strengths, make them sound like a hybrid between Slayer and Metal Church. The voice of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Rich Sherrington is quite raw and unpolished, reminding me of Testamentís Chuck Billy. Together with lead guitarist Andy Mellor, the duo unleashes a barrage of riffs that recall the golden age of thrash metal. Never wasting time on futility, the band prefers to more or less constantly put the pedal on the metal. In between you will discover melodic moments that can be used as a breather, although they are of course also perfectly integrated into the songwriting. The opener I Will Not Tolerate as well as Abominate are two of the albumís fastest tracks that also come with great guitar solos. DTR (Dishonour True Reality) is at over six minutes the longest song, reminds me of Testament an is another highlight of the album.

The only reproach is that there might be a certain lack of variety. Despite the albumís short running time, the songs all seem to share a certain pattern. Old school thrash metal fans wonít mind that much, but still might have wished for a few more surprises. Letís put that as a goal for Solitaryís next album.

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