STALLION - Slaves Of Time

Stallion - Slaves Of Time

10 songs
42:57 minutes
***** ****
High Roller


Many bands before them shared their name, but you should still invest your time into this German heavy speed metal band from Baden-Württemberg. Their third album Slaves Of Time is a logical successor of its predecessor From The Dead, despite their having been line-up changes on bass and guitar.

Stallion label themselves as uncompromisingly old school, which is a perfectly fitting description. Listening to their music, you’ll notice how Judas Priest and Accept must be two of the band’s biggest influences. Most songs are played at an elevated pace without sounding too extreme though. The vocals are quite high, the guitars are not only very playful but also deliver quite a lot of solos. A highlight is the first, rather long single All In that begins in a somewhat commercial way, reminding me of Def Leppard, before it takes a turn towards speed metal to the joy of all nostalgic metal fans. Braindead is another masterpiece that shows the band from a more technical side not unlike Mekong Delta before it ends in a straighter way. A common Eighties stereotype is that there always has to be a ballad, which is also the case for Stallion. Die With Me starts like a quiet Guns N' Roses before taking a turn towards arena rock. I forgive the band this small faux pas because the following Merchants Of Fear offers more of their high quality vintage fare that seems to come mostly from German bands. Dynamiter is another retro speed metal track that made me think of American thrash metal band Toxik.

The cover artwork is not exactly inviting, which doesn’t prevent Slaves Of Time of being a must have for every fan of Eighties metal. Considering that these musicians are all about thirty years young, one must concede that Stallion truly know how to capture the spirit of metal’s most exciting decade.

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