Thundermother - Heat Wave

13 songs
49:25 minutes
***** ***


Sweden’s female response to AC/DC is still called Thundermother, and this won’t change anytime soon. The Swede’s fourth longplayer is titled Heat Wave, and despite the cover artwork looking not too inviting compared to the music, the idea is to equate their music having the energy of a heatwave overwhelming their fans. Fortunately band leader Filippa Nässil didn’t have line-up problems this time around, like after the second album when she was left by her entire band.

Not unlike Motörhead, another band appreciated by Thundermother, you now what you’ll get: solid rock’n’roll. Thundermother have since always played straight rock music that takes no prisoners, as can for instance be witnessed on the pre-release single Driving In Style. But also mid-tempo tracks can be found in the band’s repertoire, as on Dog From Hell and Purple Sky. Vocalist Guernica Mancini adds a certain bluesy touch, which is an ok thing as long as it is not overdone. Therefore a track like Mexico still works. One even has the impression of being in a good, old western saloon. The title track is also the album’s highlight, being a catchy piece of music with a lot of hit potential. Just as on Ghost and Bad Habits, AC/DC seem to have been godfathers to those songs. And it’s that direction that just works best for Thundermother. The only misstep is the second single Sleep, a not too exciting that would have worked better for Canadian hard rockers Heart.

Heat Wave is yet another strong album that still doesn’t quite reach the level of its self-titled predecessor. And yet there are few bands that can play their hard rock with such a sense of dynamics and a joy of playing like Thundermother. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all of their concert for this year have been cancelled, but there is hope that we’ll get to enjoy them live on stage in 2021.

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