CARLO NOGO - In The Sign Of Lilac

Carlo Nogo - In The Sign Of Lilac

9 songs
27:49 minutes
***** ****


Bedroom recording artists must be thriving in the age of the coronavirus. Carlo Nogo is one such example whose last EP came out in the summer of 2020, and nearly one year later he is back with this sixth EP In The Sign Of Lilac. Thrash metal enthusiasts will recognise the cover painting as an incredibly smart parody of Sodomís In The Sign Of Evil. I guess that Carlo Nogo had a fondness for the genre when he was growing up, and probably is combining it with his love for gardening. Donít worry: the music is still what you expect from him, but a lot of the song titles are variations of thrash metal classics with a gardening twist: Acers Of Madness (Morbid Angelís Altars Of Madness), Seven Birches (Possessedís Seven Churches) and Release From Ebony (Destructionís Release From Agony) are three that I recognised.

So these are definitely not cover versions, but they are also not more of the same. In fact Carlo Nogo still programs the drums, but apart from playing the guitar, he has also recorded the bass parts on a real bass guitar, which makes for a much more organic sound. I criticised the sound on his last two EPs, but with In The Sign Of Lilac, he has made a huge step forward. Most of all I tend to love his guitar playing more and more. Instead of creating generic post rock music, Carlo Nogo performs regular instrumental (hard) rock songs that seem to be inspired by the guitar heroes of the Seventies and Eighties.

If you have managed to make your way around Carlo Nogo until now, I heartily recommend that you finally check him out on In The Sign Of Lilac. His technical guitar skills are undeniable, but heís also become one hell of a songwriter, which can best be witnessed on the short Frostlandschaft which may have the title of a black metal song but comes with one of the most memorable guitar melodies in a long time. And did I mention that the production issues of the past belong now in the past. In The Sign Of Lilac can and should be downloaded for free on the artistís Bandcamp page.

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