Dark Quarterer - Pompei

6 songs
47:04 minutes
***** *****
Cruz Del Sur


Prog metal band Dark Quarterer are one of the longest acting bands from Italy, even though only two members from the original line-up remained: Gianni Nepi on bass and vocals and drummer Paolo Ninci. The other two members, both called Francesco, and guitar and keyboads, are considerably younger, but have fathers that also used to play in Dark Quarterer. The band started in the mid-Seventies as a cover band before they decided in the early Eighties to write their own more progressive leaning material.

The album title indicates that this is a concept work about the famous volcanic eruption in Pompeii that happened in the year 79 C.E. and cost the life of over 20.000 people. The record only contains six tracks, but all of them running between six and ten minutes, and brimming with tons of ideas. The songs are full of bombastic, kitsch and dramatic moments, like a metalized idea of an Italian opera.

Gianni Nepi is despite his seventy years still an incredibly charismatic vocalist who masters the high registers that at times remind of King Diamond as well as the deeper notes that one knows from the epic doom metal genre. If I didnít know any better, Iíd think Iíd be listening to two different singers. The musicians also work hard to create intricate structures that let you discover new details at every new repeated listening. The nine-minute-long Panic covers everything from emotion to completely crazy, and I am certain that a band like Dream Theater couldnít come up with such a piece anymore. Even a straighter song like Plinius The Elder surprises with a jazzy piano part. I wonít bother you by listing all the great moments on Pompei, because it would just go on and on. Just listen and convince yourself!

Currently bands canít really play live shows in front of an audience. Dark Quarterer would really like to perform their new album in the Amphitheatre of Pompeii. Iíd really be happy for them, because Pompei is one of the most exciting albums of the year 2020. Anyone who is even only the slightest into progressive epic metal will be delighted by the three quarters of an hour delivered by these Italian metal veterans.

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