DAUGHTERS OF SAINT CRISPIN - Daughters Of Saint Crispin

Daughters Of Saint Crispin - Daughters Of Saint Crispin

8 songs
44:42 minutes
***** ***
Phratry / Force Publique


Two years ago, I reviewed an EP by Wisconsin based noisy slowcore duo Daughters Of Saint Crispin. Now they are back with a longplayer having the same name, with the first half consisting of the songs from the previous EP. You can re-read my review from back then, but I quickly go over the individual tracks. The opener Ex-Spies is a seven-minute-long sludgy behemoth that takes power from its repetitive monotony that hits you like a sledgehammer. It really takes skill to make art from endless repetition. Debt Grief is a shorter piece, full of groove and vicious vocals. Blue Light reminds me somewhat of things the Rollins Band did back in the day. Head And Heart is another long track with long drawn guitar chords and slowly creeping rhythm, showing possible parallels to Jesu.

The second half begins with Keep Still, which has also been previously released, although I donít know where. The vocals are truly evil, coming with a certain black metal flair, and the guitar also sounds quite voluminous and threatening. The final three tracks havenít been released before, and show the duo from a more atmospheric side, like a sludge post metal band crafting a soundtrack for Twin Peaks.

Daughters Of Saint Crispin like to see themselves as a doomy Big Black or Godflesh playing Codeine songs, and that isnít far off the mark. This longplayer can be purchased as a vinyl record, a CD or as a digital download, the latter with the fan-friendly pay-what-you-want price tag. I like all of the songs but it is obvious that they come from three different recording sessions or even three different moments in their band history. That way, this sounds more like a compilation of recordings over time than an actual cohesive album. Fans of threatening slo-mo noisy sadcore with post industrial metal influences will still not be disappointed.

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