Linn Koch-Emmery - Being The Girl

11 songs
26:44 minutes
***** ****
Boys Tears


Back in 2018, Swedish artist Linn Koch-Emmery – who has German and British parents as can be deduced from her name – showed on her debut EP Waves what to expect of her. The four songs were modern indie rock that always found the right balance between pop and power.

This hasn’t change with their first longplayer Being The Girl, although longplayer might not be a fitting description as the nine songs plus two instrumentals not even make it to twenty-seven minutes. The songs are short and compact, as Linn Koch-Emmery is always getting straight to it, guaranteeing us perfect entertainment. The first two tracks Hologram Love and No Place For You are fast songs that are melodic and gripping, and won’t leave your ear canals anytime soon.

Linn Koch-Emmery describes Being The Girl as a diary set to music, and depending on her mood, the songs can sound quite differently from one another. There are even traces of dark humour, as on Linn RIP which is flirting with new wave elements. Sadness can be heard on the quiet Wake Up. The fragile Paralyzed is even more extreme, giving the impression as if one were standing next to an abyss. These moodier pieces add a chilling, unsettling quality, but the more rocking pieces like the guitar driven atmospheric pop song Blow My Mind and the two first tracks are also Linn Koch-Emmery’s major strength.

Being The Girl, one of the best indie rock albums in a long time, has been released on Linn Koch-Emmery’s own label Boys Tears. She is by no means a one-trick-pony, as she is adding to her indie rock sound elements of dream pop and new wave. It doesn’t take a lot of time to listen your way through this short longplayer, and I guarantee you won’t regret it and will want to get back to it again and again.

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