NO METAL IN THIS BATTLE - Shimokita / Zeitzonen

No Metal In This Battle - Shimokita / Zeitzonen

2 songs
12:58 minutes
***** ***


Itís been a little over three years since Luxembourgish instrumental quartet released their first longplayer Paprika, and what a joy it was to listen to. The four musicians all have long histories in the local music scenes, and it shows. You can dismiss them as just another post rock band, but you better not. Just like on their earlier albums, No Metal In This Battle use post rock and math rock as their main ingredients, but add afro beat textures, mostly in the form of percussive elements and a certain polyrhythmic affinity. With a pinch of Caribbean sunniness, they finally come up with their refreshing trademark sound.

Unlike Paprika, Shimokita / Zeitzonen is, as the name suggests, only a two track single, coming with a truly atrocious cover artwork that looks like one of those recipes from thankfully long forgotten cookbooks from the sixties or seventies. The song Shimotika itself is at nearly six minutes quite long, and uses that space to build itself up from its guitar intro to its full band sublimeness. Lots of interesting things are happening along the way, giving it a certain soundtrack feeling. The second songís full title is Zeitzonensynchronisationmechanismus (thank the gods for copy-paste), and true to its thirty-five letter long title, the song is also a little longer at nearly seven and a half minutes. No Metal In This Battle also excel at this longer track which sounds darker, due to the distorted bass line an a hidden dub mentality underneath it all.

I hope that this two track single is a teaser for a longplayer that will hopefully come out later this year. No Metal In This Battle havenít unlearned any of their tasty math prog afro beat rock sound, and I bet I am not the only one thinking this would be the ideal soundtrack for the coming summer.

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