Sons Of Alpha Centaury - Push

9 songs
34:35 minutes
***** ****
Exile On Mainstream


It feels like only yesterday that I have been reviewing the last album by Yawning Sons, a collaborative effort by Yawning Man and Sons Of Alpha Centauri. The latter used to be an instrumental atmospheric post metal from England, but as there were vocals on the Yawning Sons album, it seems as if the guys have got a taste for it. So they got vocalist Jonah Matranga, who fronted bands like Far and Gratitude. He is an important figure in the American post hardcore scene of the Nineties. Another vital addition to SOAC is drummer Mitch Wheeler who also plays in Will Haven, another American hardcore band.

With musicians coming from such pedigree backgrounds, donít expect any white-bread post-hardcore the way it is listened to by wannabes without any cultural background. Instead we get an explosive hybrid consisting of post hardcore, alternative rock and progressive elements, all of it deeply rooted in the nineties, the best and above all most original decade for heavy rock music.

If Push has one flaw, it is its short length of only thirty-five minutes. You might as well see it as an advantage though, as it makes sure that the songs are concise and always get right to it. The opener Get The Guns shows instantly what this new incarnation of SOAC will deliver: itís full of heavy guitars, haunting synth lines pop up in the background, and Matrangaís voice has aged well over the decades, giving his performance a melodic but scratchy quality. At times one feels reminded of bands like Placebo and Muse, although SOAC are playing in a much heavier league. Another great hard rocking moment comes with the title track, although the band might excel even more when they add more atmospheric elements, as on the incredibly great Buried Under whose strange melodies give me goosebumps, or the equally intriguing Saturn.

People who grew up in the nineties or just like the inquisitive nature of that eraís rock sounds will be delighted by Push, the meanwhile third longplayer by Sons Of Alpha Centauri. The powerful production and the varied used of different genres makes sure that this is far more than just a musical journey into the past. Fans of hard rocking alternative rock and progressively spiced post metal need to check this out!

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