VISIONOIR - The Second Coming

Visionoir - The Second Coming

10 songs
52:38 minutes
***** *****


Visionoir is a one-man avantgarde metal project from Italy, founded by Alessandro Sicur already back in 1998. As Alessandro had been involved in several other bands since then, he found time to write songs for Visionoir but not the opportunity to record them. More than twenty years later, not being in a band anymore, the decision fell to finally record these songs in his own studio at home.

A first album under the name Visionoir was released in 2017, the second one followed in this yearís autumn. Alessandro Sicur is fascinated by doom, gothic, progressive and thrash metal, and all these influences find their way into his music. The Second Coming is available on CD and as a digital download, but if there was a vinyl edition, you could make out two very different sides. Songs one to five, which are a bit older, are more metal sounding. They often have a more atmospheric start before developing into quite extreme and unpredictable directions. I especially like The Snooping Shadows with its strong parallels to Voivod and Devin Townsend. Itís without a doubt the most progressive track on the album. The first two tracks contain electronic samples which the artist considers as a tribute to Ozric Tentacles. Itís followed by The Vulture Eye, at eight minutes the albumís longest track with a strong doom metal flair and some fascinating progressive structures. Horror Vacui features saxophone player Clarissa Durizzotto and combines jazz sounds with synth tunes.

The albumís second half starts with a darker instrumental where a member of Alessandroís former band Goddamn War cites a poem. No More is a re-arranged cover version by this band, coming with a nineties mood, combining electronical music with grunge riffs: a strange choice, but worth listening to. Born Like This and Silent Sea come with even more synth sounds, and thanks to their eighties flair would have fit on the Blade Runner soundtrack. The album ends with the dark jazzy title track.

People donít always agree about which kinds of music can be labelled progressive. Dream Theater have been performing more or less the same sound for more than thirty years. Is that still progressive? Visionoirís music is special and unlike what any other artist does. Playing strange metal music before allowing synthesizers, jazz and poems into the mix is quite spectacular. The Second Coming feels to me like something lying somewhere between prog and art. I like it and am will certainly get back to this album quite a lot in the future.

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