In football, Brazilian women have already shown for over twenty years that they can be just as successful as the so-called stronger sex. Ten years ago, a similar development was noticeable in thrash metal, when Nervosa were traded as the female counterpart to Sepultura. Since 2019, there has been another all-female thrash metal band from Brazil, The Damnnation (note the 2 n's in the middle of the name), which I like even more. In 2020 a first EP called Parasite was released, followed now by the first long player Way Of Perdition.

Even though the band hasn't been around for so long, the three musicians have played in several other Brazilian bands in the past, such as Sinaya, HellArise, Haze and Last Conscious, all of them thrash and death metal acts. And exactly this mixture can be heard on Way Of Perdition. One may claim that this is not necessarily something new, and that is true. However, The Damnnation play with enormous motivation, you really hear that they like doing their job. The guitars are very aggressive, bass and drums are powerful and the vocals are always rough, even on more melodic songs like This Pain Won't Last and Grief Of Death, two of my favourite tracks on the album. If you need a comparison, Arch Enemy would probably be the first to come to mind. The only reproach is the fact that all songs are more or less knitted according to the same pattern. The verses are rather brutal, the choruses are more melodic. Some are catchy, others less so. Only Slaves Of Society is a little different, as The Damnnation show a surprisingly brutal and dark side, which suits the band too.

Even if not every song on Way Of Perdition is a hit, the album is still fun. The ten songs run between three and four minutes. The Damnnation don't dwell on unnecessary gimmicks, and always get straight to the point. This compactness is one of the strengths of the three musicians. For a debut album, this is a more than decent performance. Let's hope that they will work a bit more on variety for their second long player.

10 songs

36:21 minutes

***** **

Genre: thrash metal

Label: Soulseller

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