DUSK OF DELUSION – COrolarian RObotic SYStem


2020 wasn’t a good year for humanity in general. The French modern metal band Dusk Of Delusion was unlucky as its album Watch Your 6 was released parallel to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic and thus did not receive the recognition it deserved. Now comes album number three COrolarian RObotic SYStem, released under better conditions, offering again opportunities to play live.

COrolarian RObotic SYStem is a dystopian concept album whose plot takes place in the year 2077, where robots work as slaves to make life easier for humans. However, this also brings a lot of problems, as many people have lost their jobs because of this or simply feel disturbed by the many robots, which leads to riots. The lyrics are inspired by science fiction classics like for instance Metropolis, Blade Runner, Matrix, I Robot and many others.

Normally I don't find intros very exciting, but 09.04.2077 is different. Although the band sings in English, a female speaker presents nearly only bad (but invented) news in Franch. This short intro is followed by Shadow Workers, which starts rather sluggishly, but then picks up speed and reminds me a lot of Anacrusis, one of my favourite heavier prog metal bands from the late 80s. The vocals are quite harsh, the music is exciting, surely a parallel to Fear Factory. Up next is The Snap, a less complex, but much faster and shorter track that has what it takes to become a classic in the band's live repertoire. Also very melodic and even a bit simpler is £1ONH€4RT_B4$T4RD, a song you could find as well on a Lordi album. In general, the use of rougher and cleaner vocals really works well throughout the album. Tinplate Soldiers sounds modern again, has a lot of keyboards and should appeal to the Fear Factory faction. Legal Slaves is again rather progressive and showcases Dusk Of Delusion's wealth of ideas. After the somewhat calmer Taking The Hit, Market Street is a bit heavier and modern again. Besides several great twists and turns, this track surprises with a dark saxophone solo, another surprising moment on this great album. Three more tracks before the end: The Hatred Confession starts a bit quiet, but later lives up to its name. For The Flesh, Please Repeat also goes into modern metal and is once again full of exciting twists and turns. Especially the almost sacral choruses at the beginning go under your skin. Only the last track, Erotic Infusion, can’t quite reach the high level of the preceding tracks. It was probably intended to give the album a calmer closer, but even repeated listening doesn’t warm me up to the song.

Despite this small flaw, COrolarian RObotic SYStem is Dusk Of Delusion’s most mature album so far. Many modern metal bands don't appeal to me, because they often give preference to form over content, or like to clone bands to achieve quick success. Of course, Dusk Of Delusion also have certain influences, but they never come across as copycats. This album contains a good balance between catchy and progressive tracks as well as a lot of unforeseeable moments, so that you want to listen again and again to it.

11 songs

46:55 minutes

***** ****

Genre: progressive modern metal

Label: Metal East

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