JACOB FAURHOLT Ė When The Spiders Crawl


There is hardly a year where we donít get a new album from Danish lo-fi troubadour Jacob Faurholt. Last year it was only a short six track EP, but heís worked harder since then, with his tenth longplayer When The Spiders Crawl offering a dozen tracks, ranging from introspective moody ballads to lo-fi rockers with distorted guitars.

The opener Droneflowers is an upbeat rock song that shows Jacob Faurholt from his more energetic side, making this an ideal entry point to the album. The following Madness On The Rise might be a mellower tracks, but it uses its four minutes running time to built up some drama and momentum, helped by the exquisite backing vocals from Trine OmÝ from Danish alternative rock band Det Nye Navn. She was also, back in the day, a member, together with Jacob Faurholt, of Sweetie Pie Wilbur.

Rock songs and ballads take turns, with the former adding energy and the latter offering insights into the vulnerable psyche of Jacob Faurholt. The gloomy Comforting Sounds for instance is a tribute to the artistís influences, like Galaxie 500 and Red House Painters. Another highlight comes with The Moon Is Slow, a truly dark song that uses its six minutes running time to fullest effect.

When it comes to lo-fi aesthetics, there is no one who does it better than Jacob Faurholt. When The Spiders Crawl is so successful because of the dynamic tension that arises from the varied song material. Jacob Faurholt is not reinventing himself, but proves once again that he is still at the top of his game.

12 songs

35:28 minutes

***** ***

Label: Raw Onion

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