SPANISH CASTLE – Spazéiere goen a Liewen


After last year’s gardening tribute to German thrash pioneers Sodom, guitarist Carlo Nogo decided that it was time for something new, even if it only meant changing the name under which he would release music. The new name Spanish Castle should remind anyone of Jimi Hendrix’ song Spanish Castle Magic, and while few might have approached Hendrix’ guitar skills, Carlo Nogo aka Spanish Castle is a proud guitarist who doesn’t hide his mostly seventies influences.

Many instrumental bands from Luxembourg may play mathy progressive rock music, but with Spanish Castle you get songs that live for the guitar, which is alternating between versatile soloing, mellow introspective melodic moments and groovy outbursts. Carlo Nogo is a thoroughbred musician who does what he likes without caring for current trends, as can be heard on his newest EP Spazéiere goen a Liewen, coming with a generous length at a good half hour, and best of all it’s again a free download.

It's useless picking out any specific tracks. They all clock in at around three minutes, making sure that the artist isn’t going off at any superfluous tangents. Apart from the excellent guitar work, Carlo is also playing the bass guitar, although in a more discreet way, and took care of the beat programming. You really need to know where to look to find Spanish Castle / Carlo Nogo on the Internet, because apart from his Bandcamp page, he hardly left any traces. It feels at times as if he wants to avoid exposure. Still, it’s worth discovering his music, because in an ocean of sameness, Spanish Castle is one of the few beacons with a true fuck-you attitude. If you like seventies guitar rock and don’t mind the lack of vocals or the very down-to-earth yet pleasant production, I suggest you check out his music. Listen if you like Eddie Van Halen, early Rush and Manilla Road. The latter’s late Mark Shelton even got a tribute on the accompanying EP Powershreddin’ which shows Spanish Castle from a more hard-rocking side.

9 songs

31:39 minutes

***** ***

Label: self-released

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