TOEHIDER ĖI Have Little To No Memory Of These Memories


Weíre currently living in a social media age where people are usually content by devouring multimedia content that is not allowed to run any longer than an entire minute, because anyway you have to move on to the next titbit of infotainment, and so forth, and so on. Mike Mills, the singer and multi-instrumentalist behind Toehider, a modern progressive rock band from Australia, decided to set an example by recording a song that is 47 minutes and 47 seconds long, just to show the social media addicts that real music demands a lot of attention from its consumers.

As we are living on the other side of the globe, Toehider may not yet be the household name they are down under, but late a lot of their older material has been re-released in our latitudes. I mostly remember their stunt of releasing twelve EPs over the course of twelve months, with each EP showing a different stylistic orientation.

I Have Little To No Memory Of These Memories is already Toehiderís fifth longplayer and twenty-second overall release. Mike Mills, who is otherwise known as a regular vocals contributor to Ayreon albums, seems to get along quite alright by himself, even though it took him three years to record this mega-long track. To be fair, at times it sounds like different songs stringed together, so itís neither a Supperís Ready nor A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers, but itís still an impressive piece of art. The acapella intro reminds me a lot of Gentle Giant, and sounds especially crazy with its stereo effects on headphones, and from there on we get all kinds of genre exercises: funk prog ŗ la Mars Volta, melodic prog that remarkably sounds like Flower Kings and Kaipa, heavier hard prog that could have come from Pain Of Salvation, occasional playful parts that remind of Mr. BungleÖ I mean you get it: itís all progressive rock, but from a multitude of different angles.

If you like the crazy worlds of Devin Townsend, then Toehider might just be the artist you have been looking for all along. To be sincere: in some ways, Mike Mills sounds fresher, less depleted, and should appeal to fans of contemporary prog who are unafraid of the more unexpected sides of the genre. While Toehider may be mostly the brainchild of Mike Mills, we should not forget that he is joined by designer Andrew Saltmarsh who is in charge of the artistic image of the band, something which in the case of this band is of no small importance. The song comes in two slightly different versions, with different endings for the LP and CD versions. The digital version also contains a single thatís taken from the main song.

2 songs

51:02 minutes

***** ****

Genre: modern progressive rock

Label: Bird's Robe

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