What is DisAgreement Online?
It's an e-zine from Luxembourg, a tiny land-locked country somewhere to the west of the centre of Europe.
DisAgreement started in the early Nineties as a paper zine, saw some instances as a webzine on different servers. The URL www.disagreement.net has been acquired in September 2001.

Who is DisAgreement Online?
DisAgreement is Pascal and Lex.

Where should I send my promo stuff?
I stronly suggest that you send us a download link, but if you prefer to send physical media:
Radio ARA
c/o Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir
4, Place des Rotondes
L-2448 Luxembourg

Playlist are uploaded weeky to this website.

Why are reviews never signed by their authors?
Frankly speaking, I (Pascal) never thought about that in the beginning, and now I don't really care about it anymore. We know who wrote what, so if you need to know something specific, just ask.

What are we doing?
These days, it's mostly the radio show and writing the occasional review. That's what you do after more than half of your life doing this. I also try to keep the concert calendar updated, more or less regularly.

There used to be more stuff on this page?
Yes, way back! Probably in the early years of the 2000s. Sections that are not being updated any longer have been taken down: interviews, guest book, news section, etc. I guess it's unfair to the people coming to this page to still have links to places where nothing has happened for over ten years.

Privacy policy etc.
Blah blah blah: we don't ask any of your personal information, and if you think it happened to you, you have probably been phished.
DisAgreement is 100% non-profit. We're not in it for the money! We are just in it for the beers... and the music, of course!

Any more questions?
Just ask!