Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Chief Mart's

Although I generally don't see much sense in band contests like Emergenza, Chief Mart's showed that it can be a very good way for a seasoned band to plan their comeback. With a music as strictly uncommercial as theirs, it was quite a surprise to see them lifted into the finals (although mean people say that the more mature jury favoured them). Although they finally didn't win the general contest, they received the Tageblatt media prize which probably did them more good than if they had got the 20 minutes gig at the Taubertal in front of a dozen people and their friends.

Chief Mart's: Richard and Gerard
The brothers Richard and Gerard of Chief Mart's visited us at Radio ARA. Their bizarre kind of humour and their original mindsets made for a very special kind of interview. We were discussing their career from their very first self-released CD "Imhotep's galactic cubism theory" over the more professional "Cosmic Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship" on Own Records finally to their brandnew masterpiece "Morning Maniac Music".
Apart from playing with Chief Mart's, Richard and Gerard are also the infamous electro two-piece Principal Trade Center.

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