Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Clean State

Traditions are not only for old people, but also for us... but then we might belong already to the old people nowadays. Anyway, like every Christmas, we invited Clean State to our hallowed halls of Radio ARA to ponder about the important questions of our time.
We discovered that Jesus was suffering from a tennis ball sized brain tumor, that Osama Bin Laden really only wanted to perform airplane stunts that failed and that it's always fun to make fun of everything. Thanks go out to the Portugesian female comedian who called to ask for Luis. Too bad she will never know that we had her on air. But as for now, enjoy the pictures.

Clean State
The 4 M's (Mackel, Mario, Marcel and Marc) sitting around the table and looking better behaved than they really are.
Wondering why Mackel needed sunglasses already this early in the afternoon...
Now wouldn't this be a great picture for a CD cover if Marcel decided one day to record a solo album?

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