Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Clean State

Many people associate with Christmas the following things: birth of baby Jesus, Christmas trees, many gifts, but top of the list is of course Clean State's visit to the hallowed halls of Radio ARA where they traditionally co-host the Daiwel's last show of the year. Rumour has it that this is already the fifth time in a row.

Clean State bandphoto
On this photo you see Clean State the way they exist at the end of the year 2003. Bass player Mario is no longer a member of the band, and the guys are right now testing new bass players. We were of course already told who just might be the new four-stringer, but secrecy prevents us going public with this knowledge.

Parrot and Mackel
Was it Mackel or the parrot who was giving away all the tasty URLs for transgender sex websites? A lack of a first amendment to our constitution prevented us saying too nasty things about some local politicians who made life for the most unfortunate ones a real mess this year. Of course there are always people out there who really hate it when other people say on the radio what really is going on in their minds. Especially when you can get upset with a wicked black sense of humour the way Clean State have perfected over the last few Christmases.

Clean State drinking and smoking
Marcel and Mackel doing what they can do best! Just kidding. Twiggy and Dan keep it on the straighter edge of life... on this photo at least. Clean State didn't play a single concert this year, but watch out for them in 2004, with a new CD plus live appearances. Marcel also hinted at a posthumous Mighty Pussy Lickers release which we are looking forward to a lot.

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