Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Couchgrass were the biggest surprise of the Emergenze preselections. A young band with nearly no stage experience at all didn't just leave more seasoned bands behind them and turned out to be second most voted band of the evening, but their mesmerising show left every other band pale.
That was reason enough to invite Couchgrass to our radioshow, and they prompty offered to bring along their instruments to play a little unplugged session. Even if "only" four of the seven band members made it to the studio (four were already wild, not to think what seven would have done), they guaranteed our listener and us an unforgettable afternoon.

it's not easy to be one male among a bunch of alpha-females
Couchgrass live and unplugged at Radio ARA. They didn't give their bass player Claude an easy time, but who wouldn't like to suffer when you have the opportunity to play music with three such charming ladies?
the lady's got the blues
Amandine was screaming the blues off her throat while Claire was playing the guitar. They may look like innocent angels, but Shakin' and I had to play security to keep Lex quiet in his seat.
lots of guitars is what an alternative band is about
Vickie is playing the guitar. Today they sounded a lot tamer, but once you see and hear them plugged, you will be captured by the raw energy Couchgrass is producing. Possibly the best and most interesting band Luxembourg has to offer right now.

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