Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


It's been nearly a year since we first had Couchgrass in the studio. Back then they were a very young band out to make a great impression at the Emergenza competition. A year later, they are still a young band, with a new drummer, and finally their first CD to be released six days later at the Sang a Klang. Today we got a first comprehensive check on the album "Motel Love", which promises to become one of the finest CDs of the year.

Couchgrass: group picture with groupie
Lex interviewing Couchgrass. Not only did all five of them make it to the interview, they even brought their trademark groupie, all nice clad in a summer dress. You should really start asking the question: does Spring really start with Couchgrass visiting the Daiwels?

Couchgrass: Amandine and Vicky
Amandine making herself comfortable on Vicky's knees. Vicky quit the band shortly after the Emergenza finals (and let's recall that they scored a respectable third place), but rejoined the mob after the recording of their CD. Amandine meanwhile takes care to keep her ears warm.

Couchgrass: Claire and Claude
Claire and Claude are the two silent poles of the band, but do we really want to know what's going on inside of them (apart from study stress with the final exams approaching)?

Couchgrass: Dirk
Dirk, the "new" drummer! OK, he's not really that new, but it was the first time we had him in on an interview. He's joined them shorty after the Emergenza finals, and has given the band a solid groove and a truly animalistic aura (just listen in on the hidden track of the CD).

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