Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


It’s a long way to the top. dEFDUMp can certainly tell a lot of stories about that. Thirteen years ago, they were the main force behind Luxembourg’s second generation hardcore assault, and attracted a lot of criticism back then, in a "scene" which was marked as much by talent as it was by jealousy. One by one the pioneer bands drifted apart and dissolved, yet dEFDUMp are still around, inventing themselves again and again with every new release.

dEFDUMp: Felix and Usel
Felix and Usel paid us a welcome visit, with their last release already more than two years in the past. This Is Forevermore, their new double-album, is a definitive statement that even a small country like ours can produce bands that are innovative and powerful at the same time. dEFDUMp will one day make it big, even if it takes another thirteen years.

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