Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Fifteen years is a long time... At about the same moment when we started our radio show in the early Nineties, a young hardcore band was struggling against a scene that had grown somewhat rigid over the years. This young and innovative band called itself dEFDUMp and managed to become the most important and charismatic hardcore band from Luxembourg, playing all over Europe, releasing many records and even touring twice with Max Cavalera's Soulfly. But as every dream has to end sooner or later, we invited dEFDUMp for a last interview preceding their farewell show at the Atelier to take place the following Saturday.

For one hour, we shed some light at the band's beginnings, their brightest moments and even asked them for future plans. Normally we only play music from an artist's latest album, to promote it in the best possible way, but this time we indulged ourselves and played one song from each of their seven CDs, from their early days when they were still looking for an identity to their final years when they had settled on playing an undefinable, idiosyncratic and appealing modern take on hardcore music.
film team
dEFDUMp even brought a film team along, to document their final days. The documentary, although not only about dEFDUMp, but also a couple of other bands, should be out in selected movie theaters in the following months. It's called "Rocdoc", so look out for it!

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