Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Drive Until He Sleeps

Drive Until He Sleeps are a young instrumental alternative emo band from luxembourg.

Drive Until He Sleeps
Eva, Emile and Rėsch are explaining what makes them different from other bands, and that they are definitely NOT looking for a vocalist, because Rėsch and Eva have lovely voices, too.
duhs: Eva and Emile
In the near future, Drive Until He Sleeps will start working on their debut CD, with a real soundman and semi-professionnally on 8-tracks. Today we listened to one rehearsal and a couple of live recordings.
duhs: Emile and Rėsch
Rėsch was very firm about this: although he's working at the P&T, they certainly don't play post rock. I think this needed to be said once and for all.

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