Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Nancy may not be the capital of progressive metal, but nonetheless there lingers a band called Elvaron that has just released its third album "The Buried Crown" which was reason enough to ask them for a 100km drive to Radio ARA.

Elvaron: Matt et Lindsay
Elvaron play heavy progressive metal with fantasy-inspired lyrics, something you will understand once you read the band members' portraits on their website where they not only list their favourite albums and movies, but also books. The mostly very long songs on their new album witness a process of maturity which is emphasised by the fact that their songs exist on paper (written in notes, like genuine classical music) before they are translated into sound.

Elvaron: Matt
Although Elvaron have been around for twelve years, these guys are still very young. Matt, the only remaining founding member, will soon be 28 years old, whereas Lindsay enjoys with her 19 years still the blosson of youth. You can check out Elvaron on their webpage.

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