Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Founded in 1999, Ex-Inferis are one of the older extreme metal bands in Luxembourg. Drawing influences from death metal, metal core and much more (some even hint at black metal), they are able to reach a very wide target audience. After a mini-CD and two split-CDs, they finally reached their debut longplayer 'Defunctus in Heresi' which they promptly came to present on our radio show.

Ex-Inferis are answering Shakin's questions
Why make some cheap looking product when you can as well spend more money to get a professionnally looking CD. But don't worry, 'Defunctus in Heresi' not only looks great (beautiful digipak!), it also sounds wild and is by far Ex-Inferis' best release. You can check out their website where you can download a song from the new album.

Ex-Inferis: Marc and Kevin
Ex-Inferis are a very eclectic band. Their new album comes with an interesting concept about the inquisition, skillfully done by dividing the CD into three parts that are separated from each other by quieter parts. You will even find a collaboration with electro indie pop (local) gods moussevingt.
Marc is also the guy doing the Psycho Circus show every second Monday evening on Radio ARA, but rest assured this was not the reason we invited these guys.

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