Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

I Knew It: Hurray!

Founded in 2004, I Knew It: Hurray! are probably the only German band to have played their very first show in Luxembourg. Back then they were opening for Monochrome in Belvaux in front of a considerable crowd. Last year they released their first album New Hits: Hurray! which was a good reason to invite them to Radio ARA.

I Knew It: Hurray
Although it was from a financial point unwise to release a vinyl album, they recorded their debut on an antique 16-track tape machine and packaged the CD in a 10"-sleeve. Their bristling short indie noise rock songs remind of the early Nineties when rock was still wild and untamed. Let's hope we get this year an opportunity to see I Knew It: Hurray! live in Luxembourg, because they are on stage even more entertaining than on CD.

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