Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Right after the more than distuted Emergenza semi-finals, we invited Inborn to our radio show. They won the Emergenza contest two years ago, and while I wasn't too fond of what they did back then, they took the time to mature, like a good wine, and recorded their debut album "The Headtrance Session" in six months time.

Inborn: Cedric and Max
What sets Inborn apart from other likewise bands is the fact that despite their very tender age, they already have compositional skills that you won't find with any other local band. There may be bands that rock harder, get you faster to dance, but Inborn proved with their debut that it is possible to release an intelligent modern alt rock album that gets better with every repeated listening.
Inborn have planned to enter a studio again at the end of the year to record a new album which is supposed to become less complicated and more direct, to make it sound more like their live shows. Until then you will have to try to catch them on one of their not too frequent live shows.

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