Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Jay's Pub

Jay's Pub are one of those bands that first surfaced to wider audience attention at an Emergenza festival three years ago where they ended up ranked third among more than three dozen competing bands. Although they have never been one of the most active live bands, they took some time to record their debut CD "Begging For A Break" under the watchful ears of Charel Stoltz who took care to give their music the detailed arrangements they deserve.

Jay's Pub: Diego and Pol
No longer suffering under the stigma of being a high school band, Jay's Pub nowadays need quite some discipline to get all together to practice, with all of the band members visiting colleges in foreign countries... this being the fate of many local bands where the members share their age. With no further concerts planned until summer break, we should hope to see this rather unique alt rock / folk / classical / whatever band back sometime next season.

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