Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

John McAsskill

Not many local bands can claim to have started their career in Germany. While studying in Bonn, Natalie, Michel and Yves founded Causa Re which transformed into John McAsskill once they were back in Luxembourg. Drummer Steve is their latest addition.
After hesitant beginnings, with most of their few concerts in the North of the country except when opening unplugged for Couchgrass on their CD-release, John McAsskill decided to release a 7-track CD as a musical v-card for the masses.

John McAsskill interviewed at Radio ARA
With most bands fitting a certain kind of sound, you get a much wider spectrum with John McAsskill. Indie rock, post grunge, proto grind, everything seems to find a comfortable place within the musical universe of these newcomers. You can download a lot of MP3 files on their website to check out for yourself, and also order for 5 Euros their CD.

John McAsskill group photo: Steve, Yves, Natalie and Michel
If you think that their creativity is only used in this band, you're fairly mistaken. Guitarist Michel may be the quiet kind of guy, but he used to play with black metal legend Black Candle and is helping out Luxembourg's extreme grind kings Fetuxion. They are also currently working with Morku Productions on Luxembourg's first extreme splatter movie. John McAsskill's music may not sound that way, but check out the trailer of the movie to get a whole different face of the arists!

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