Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Kitshickers showed already with their last album "So That's The Miracle Of Life" two and a half years ago that they have definitely shed their punk and grunge origins. Still continuin their space faring concept, their fifth album "The Orion Constellation" is the logical successor we have been hoping for. Just like in the past, you won't get independent songs, but suites of compositions that show the quartet from every imaginable side.

Kitshickers: Boris and Gilles
Gilles and Boris, only remaining founding members of Kitshickers, explained why they not only chose an amazing book-sized cover format, but also sell the CD for only 8€. In times where downloading music on the Internet becomes easier by the day, the only solution is to make the physical product more attrative to the potential customer. "The Orion Constellation" is definitely their best release so far, and will certainly stick out in your CD collection, not only because of its unusual packaging.

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