Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


We discovered Luke a long time ago, when they released their first album Warm in 1998. Like many other bands, we lost track of them and were all the more surprised to hear that they released their meanwhile fourth album The Order Failed The Dream not only on their native label Tumbleweed, but also in collaboration with the local punk/rock label Winged Skull. This was more than reason enough to invite Luke songwriter Heiko to Radio ARA. He was accompanied by Winged Skull member Gilles.

Gilles (Winged Skull) and Heiko (Luke)
The reason for also signing to Winged Skull comes partly from the fact that Heiko is living currently in Luxembourg... and working as a doctor in a hospital in Esch/Alzette. So if you ever break a leg, be sure not to forget your Luke CDs when they take you to the hospital. You might not only get healed, but also get a free autograph... Not that we encourage young people to break their limbs, mind you.

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