Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir


Two and a half years ago, Nico and Martial paid us already a visit at Radio ARA to promote their extreme grindcore band Fetuxion. Today they were back, but under the banner of Morku Productions, Luxembourg's first splatter gore film company.

Morku: Nico and Martial
When these two guys are not listening to sick grindgore music, they make movies. The last two years were spent on creating "Benett", their first movie with an actual budget. The half hour long blood feast will be presented in avant-premiere this coming Friday (July 1st 2005) at the Kinosch in Esch/Alzette. The entry will only be 2 Euros, and the film-DVD can be purchased for 10 Euros. For information can be found at Morku.

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